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Buying your First Home? Moving to a New Home?

You will need a mortgage loan to cover the cost of the purchase price, and we are here to help. We’ve been helping residents in Simcoe with mortgages for years and would be delighted to make the financing arrangements as enjoyable as possible by becoming your personal mortgage broker.

Our Mortgage brokers know the Simcoe & Norfolk County area extremely well, and are able to handle the entire mortgage process & transaction. We will help you secure your mortgage loan with ease and clarity. Call now: 519-410-0698

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Mortgages can be Stress Free

Poor information and improper education from mortgage brokers to their customers can lead to unnecessary financial anxiety and mortgage stress. With us, we go over all of the information so that you are in perfect understanding of the mortgage, terms, options, and risks.

We only want the best for our Simcoe neighbors.

Find a Mortgage Broker in Simcoe Ontario

Let’s have an intelligent conversation about a mortgage loan, and proper financing for your new home purchase in Simcoe, Ontario. We are locally based in Simcoe, and can’t wait to hear from you, 519-410-0698.

Top Questions People in Simcoe ask Their Mortgage Brokers:

Mortgage Timeline Questions

Q) How long does it take to get a mortgage when using mortgage brokers? I’ve heard varying answers ranging from super quick to super long, and I’d just like to be confident, as I’m trying to get my mortgage financing in order asap.

A) Unlike the bank, you’ll be surprised at how fast a mortgage broker is able to put together your home financing package. That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions to the rule, but provided your credit is in decent shape, and everything is in place in regards to the home sale (realtors and conditions etc) there’s no reason for delay in getting your mortgage. In fact, we’ve seen mortgages come together in less than an hour. Since mortgage brokers typically deal with private lenders, communication is key, and we always strive to communicate effectively and efficiently to keep your home financing process running in high gear.

Mortgage Terms vs Amortization Question

Q) I often hear about mortgage TERM and mortgage AMORTIZATION… To me, and my limited knowledge, both of these mortgage words sound like they mean the same thing. Surely one of your brokers would be able to help make some sense of this dilemma?

A) Indeed a common question! Our mortgage brokers general break it down by describing the mortgage term as the length of time you are going to be paying down your mortgage at the given interest rate. Whereas the amortization is best described as the length of time it would take to pay down your load at such a rate. The amortization doesn’t mean you’ll be paying for that many years, though of course, with little tweaks to your payment style over the course of your mortgage loan, it could end up that way. Many of our mortgage clients end up decreasing their amortization length with each renewal. This is a good method to speed up the completion of repayment.

Can I get a Second Mortgage?

Q) I’ve heard that I can use a second mortgage to consolidate my debt. Is this true?

A) Absolutely. For the best answer to this question on second mortgages, we are happy to refer you to the second mortgage experts at the Morgix Agency in the GTA. They are professional agents with the perfect mix of experience and empathy in the business.

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You can also see the Matrix Mortgage Global definitions page where they detail a great deal of financial services that you may be interested. Whether in Simcoe, Toronto, Hamilton or Vancouver!